Healthy Pet Weight Club – The Vet Whetstone

Healthy Pet Weight Club – The Vet Whetstone

December 21, 2019

Health Pet Weight Club at The Vet Whetstone

It’s a New Year! A time when we start noticing all the extra treats we’ve given ourselves. At The Vet Whetstone, we get it! Christmas treats are just so hard to resist and if you’ve been treating yourselves, you’ve probably been treating your pooch!

That’s why, at The Vet, we have a team of weight watchers and we would love our furry friends to join our club!

Shockingly, around 50% of dogs and cats are overweight! An extra Yorkshire pudding may not cause us to pile on the pounds nut most of our pets are over half the size of us!

1 kilo too many in a 4kg cat works out as 17kg’s for us!

2 kilos to many in a dog is a whopping 57kg’s for us!

If your unsure if your pet is overweight you can always pop down and visit The Vet and our friendly nurses can let you know and help you fix the problem!

We often have people tell us that they will just restrict their pets food but this will only leave your pet hungry and causing them to lose their heard earned muscle mass! It can initially cause some weight loss but the majority of people go back to feeding them the same amount because there so hungry! So the weight just creeps back.

But at The Vet Whetstone, we have the best solution for you! Our nurses run the Health Pet Weight Club. Were you will learn the healthiest way to reducing your pets weight, leaving their belly’s fully! Energy levels at their best and keeping their all important muscle mass in the safest way you can.

The Vet Whetstone loves simple! You can use the link below to book in your pet at our Health Pet Weight Club. Or give our friendly team a call on 0208 368 9798 and we’ll get you booked in.

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We have a special promotion running during January, February and March. Join us during these months and get your first consultation for £19.99 instead of £23.00

    -Receive £5 off your first recommended diet. Followed by £10.00 off the next bag

    -Free follow up Healthy Weight consultations when purchasing your food from our practice. Saving you £15.00!

Lets set a resolution together. To a New Year and Healthy Weight. We hope to see you soon