Parasite protection

External and internal parasite

Failing to protect your pet against parasites could put your family’s health at risk too

Whilst fleas, worms and other parasites can cause your pet distress and discomfort, the consequences for your family and your much loved pet can be far more severe.

Parasites carry a wide range of serious conditions that can affect the health of both your pet and your family, as they can easily be passed from animal to human.

The threat of worms

Worms can cause problems with both your pet’s appetite and their overall health, which could be fatal in most serious cases.

They are also easily transmitted to humans through contact with an infested animal, putting your family also at risk of health problems.

Providing effective protection for your pets

The Vet Whetstone provides simple and effective parasite protection for dogs, cats, rabbits and a range of other animals at risk of infestation.

Your pet’s protection against fleas, worms and other parasites should be administered regularly to help them live a healthy and happy life. If you don’t feel confident in administering protection to your pet, a member of our veterinary Team will always be on hand to help you.

You will also receive Reminders from The Vet Whetstone when you have to give your pet their Flea and Worming Treatments.

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