Pet Insurance

Why you need pet insurance

There’s no NHS for animals – insurance for your pet is the next best thing – giving you the peace of mind you need as a pet owner

Life with your pet can be unpredictable at times. Without pet insurance, a sudden injury or serious health condition may become an agonising situation for both you and your pet.  Pet insurance will protect you from most unexpected expenses and give you financial peace of mind that your costs are covered.

At The Vet Whetstone we strongly advocate a ‘Lifetime Insurance Policy’

We are a Pet Plan Insurance approved veterinary practice.  When your pet has a consultation with one of our Vets – if your pet is not insured we shall recommend that you take advantage of the 4 Week’s Free Insurance offer from Pet Plan Insurance.

Please ask one of our Team for more details how to apply

Young animals can be adventurous and impulsive as they explore both the world around them and their own limits and they are more prone to have an accident during their early years, whereas older animals will need more regular treatment for natural health problems.  It is for these reasons that we recommend a ‘Lifetime Insurance Policy’ to cover your pet at every step of their journey through life –

Ask our Team in Practice or via our contact page for details about pet insurance – our friendly Team of Vets and Nurses will be delighted to help you choose an insurance policy to suit both you and your pet’s particular needs.

For more information on pet insurance, or to book an appointment for your pet, call 020 8368 9798 and speak to a member of our knowledgeable Team today.