Pet passports

Save your pet the misery of time in quarantine when you go abroad with a Pet Passport

Our Vets are ‘Official Veterinarians’ Licensed by DEFRA to issue Passports and Export Certificates.

Thanks to the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), you and your dog, cat or ferret need never be separated if they have a pet passport. There are various criteria for a pet passport which vary from one country to another.

What you’ll need for a pet passport

  • Your animal will need to be microchipped
  • Your animal will require a rabies vaccination
  • Your animal may also have to receive tick and tapeworm treatment
  • You will require a certificate to prove that all this has been carried out

We’ll help you through the process

The Team at The Vet Whetstone are here to help make sure receiving a passport for your pet is as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

We can advise you which preventative treatments your pet may require when abroad.

Some countries, out of the EU, will require a Special Export Certificate.

Please note that there may be specific time restrictions required, so the earlier you make your enquiry, the less likely you are to miss any deadlines.

The Vet Whetstone Team will support you throughout the whole process, allowing you to concentrate on preparing for your holiday rather than panicking as to whether all the criteria required has been met.

If you’d like more information on pet passports, please visit the on what you need to take your pet abroad.

For more details on how we can help you with your Pet Passport Application, or to Book an Appointment get in touch with us today on  or ask us in the practice.