Vaccinations and boosters

Save around 30% and spread the cost of Annual Booster Vaccinations and 6 monthly Health Checks for your pet – and much more, by joining our Pet Health Club.

We recommend all dogs, cats and rabbits are vaccinated and receive annual boosters to help protect them against infectious and potentially deadly diseases.

Your pet’s exact requirements will depend on a number of variables, so if you’re not registered with us, or are unsure of your pet’s vaccination status, then please book your pet for an initial consultation.

Book a vaccination consultation

A vaccination regime normally comprises an initial vaccination followed up by an annual booster to protect animals from major health problems throughout their lives and at each consultation our Vets will complete our thorough 10-point Health Check, as only healthy animals should be vaccinated.

We recommend regular health checks every six months throughout your pet’s life.

Starting your pet’s course of vaccinations as early as possible in their life is the best way to ensure their continued good health.  Young animals will need their first injections when they are two or three months old.  A few weeks later, they will require a second vaccination and then annual booster vaccinations.

As your pet becomes older, our Vets will advise you if they need protection from additional diseases.

It is never too late for your companion pet to receive the defence they deserve, even if they are older and have never been vaccinated before.

Our standard Vaccination & Annual Booster Regime cover the following diseases –

  • Dogs – Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Leptospirosis
  • Cats – Calicivirus and Herpes (Cat Flu), Panleucopenia
    and Feline Leukaemia Virus
  • Rabbits – Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease
    including the New strain (VHD-2)

Kennel Cough (Infectious Bronchitis)

We strongly recommend that all dogs (whether owners keep them in boarding kennels or not) are vaccinated against Kennel Cough every year. Kennel Cough vaccine is administered as a nasal vaccine.  Please do speak to one of our friendly Team if you are unsure of your dog’s Kennel Cough status, as this vaccination is increasingly important.

Kennel Cough is not part of the Routine Vaccination/Booster Regime – there is an additional fee.  However, Pet Health Club members receive 10% off their Kennel Cough vaccinations.